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Dive into the many ways you can support our mission. From our flagship bereavement camp to the expansion of our Loon Pond facility, your generosity can shape the journeys of countless individuals seeking solace, support, and community. Select where your contribution can make the most meaningful difference.

Camp Kita

Every child grappling with the profound grief of losing a loved one to suicide deserves a sanctuary a place where they can find understanding, express their emotions, and importantly, experience the joy of being a child. Camp Kita, located amidst the pristine beauty of Maine, is that haven.

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to be a part of this transformative journey. For just $4000, you can sponsor a camper's entire stay at Camp Kita, ensuring they receive both therapeutic support and the timeless memories of summer camp all without the weight of tuition.

Your sponsorship guarantees:

  • A week-long retreat filled with traditional camp activities, from canoeing to archery, ensuring each camper has the balanced experience of both fun and healing.

  • Access to our tailored loss-oriented support, with daily therapeutic groups (Kita Group) specific to suicide loss survivors.

  • 24/7 trauma support in our Kita Zone, led by trained crisis professionals.

  • Mentorship from adults with lived experiences, who guide and support the campers throughout their stay.

While the specific dates for the upcoming season are yet to be determined, our mission remains unwavering to provide bereaved children a blend of therapeutic healing and the joy of a summer retreat.

Let's light the path towards healing and hope. Consider sponsoring a camper's journey at Camp Kita. Every dollar brings solace, understanding, and joy to a child awaiting this life-changing experience.

The Christopher Mosher Family Respite Cabin

Sponsor a Healing Retreat

Every family coping with the aftermath of a suicide deserves a sanctuary where they can reconnect, heal, and find moments of solace. By sponsoring a family's stay, you're providing just that a comforting embrace during their journey of healing.

How Your Sponsorship Helps:
For $500, you can sponsor a family's night at the Christopher Mosher Family Respite Cabin. Your generous contribution will ensure they have a fully-equipped, serene, and nurturing environment, free from financial burden, during their stay.

Where Your Contribution Goes:

  • Accommodations: Ensuring the cabin is in optimal condition for every family.
  • Amenities & Utilities: Covering electricity, heating/AC, and the various amenities that provide comfort and entertainment.
  • Grounds Maintenance: Keeping the surrounding area, beach, and paths accessible and beautiful.
  • Special Touches: From linens to the Memory & Encouragement Journal, we strive to make every family's stay unique and supportive.

A Note on Your Sponsorship:
Your contribution goes into a dedicated house fund, used for the upkeep and operations of the Christopher Mosher Family Respite Cabin. This ensures a consistent quality of experience for all families. While your sponsorship isn't linked to a specific family, its impact is felt by every family that finds refuge in our cabin.

Sponsor Our Upcoming Program Expansions

As we embark on the exciting journey of expanding The Kita Center's reach and impact, we invite you to be a part of this transformation. Upon the completion of our property construction at Loon Pond, we'll be launching a series of groundbreaking programs. Each initiative is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of our community, offering solace, connection, education, and healing. By sponsoring these initiatives, you'll be planting seeds for a brighter, more connected future for countless individuals and families.

Programs Awaiting Your Support:

  • Resilience Retreats - Young Adults: Uniting young adults on a healing journey through a blend of therapeutic and recreational engagements at the serene Loon Pond.

  • Resilience Retreats - Those at Risk: Customized retreats championing the well-being of our vulnerable groups, including the LGBTQIA+ community and veterans.

  • Tell Me Their Name: A powerful narrative initiative, echoing the memories of departed loved ones and forging bonds while challenging societal stigmas.

  • Resilience Retreats - Families: Crafting safe spaces for families to rediscover their bonds and heal after heart-wrenching loss, all set against the backdrop of Loon Pond.

  • Empowerment Trainings: Capacitating caregivers with the knowledge, tools, and empathy to uplift those battling the aftermath of a suicide.

  • Resource Library: An archive of hope, understanding, and guidance, consolidating resources spanning grief, trauma, and community connectivity.

  • Nature Education Groups: Marrying mental health with the therapeutic tranquility of nature.

  • Hosted Trainings: An academic sanctuary for mental health mavens to share, learn, and innovate.

  • Consulting: Equipping institutions with the know-how to navigate and counteract suicidal ideation.

Join us in this pivotal phase of growth and be a beacon of hope for countless souls seeking solace and meaning. Sponsor today and shape a compassionate future.

Donation Information:

Every dollar you generously donate plays a pivotal role in supporting our mission at The Kita Center. Whether it's sponsoring a camper's transformative journey at $4,000 or gifting a family a restorative night at the Christopher Mosher Respite Cabin for $500, each contribution is deeply impactful. However, we understand and appreciate that not everyone can contribute large sums. Know that every amount, no matter how small, is instrumental in changing lives. For example, a $50 donation can provide essential art supplies for therapeutic sessions or cater meals for a family at the cabin. Join us in making a difference today.


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