Suggested Amounts

  • Memorialize a loved one or pay tribute to a special summer at Camp Kita in a tangible way with a memorial brick on Camp Kita’s new property.

  • Benches encourage the culture of listening, community, and friendship at Camp Kita, or can memorialize a loved one. Lovingly nicknamed “Barbara Benches” at Camp Kita, these benches also pay tribute to all our mental health and clinical professionals who dedicate their time to our campers.

  • These pavilions will be one of the main spaces where campers come together as a group for meals on nice days, outdoor performances, and movies.

  • The Create Cabin is where restorative arts and new skill building, like woodworking and photography, will blossom. Camp Kita recognizes the power art has on wellness and developing new skills can have on building confidence. Fostered by the Create Cabin, we hope campers leave Kita with new-found passions and meaningful relationships that guide them to choose healthy coping mechanisms.

  • Ask any camper, and they will tell you that some of their best camp memories happen in the cabins. Here, campers have unstructured downtime and meaningful organic conversations. At the start of the session, each cabin group works together to establish a set of values and respectful expectations for their shared space. Our initial cabin plan includes six buildings that provide campers with comfortable options, including a gender-inclusive cabin and cabins for girls and boys regardless of sex assigned at birth.

  • The open athletic fields are where many traditional summer camp activities take place. Programming in these spaces includes activities such as yoga, team-building games, high-energy field games, and morning running meetups.

  • These cabins house our mental-health clinicians, mentor group, and program staff, who are made up almost entirely of volunteers. These staff members dedicate time away from their homes and families to support our campers. The staff cabins will be equipped with bunks, a bathroom, a sitting area, and a kitchenette. Outside of youth camp sessions, these cabins will be available for Resilience Retreat programming.

  • As we strive to build an inclusive and welcoming environment, bathhouses will be made with the comfort of all our campers in mind, no matter how they identify. Each bathroom stall will be equipped with a private shower and toilet. The bathhouses will include ADA-compliant stalls and communal sinks.

  • At KITA, we know our health begins from the inside and food offers the foundation for us to thrive. Connection, nourishment, and the fuel to take on the next activity at camp are served from this kitchen. This thoughtfully designed space inside the Kita Commons offers plenty of room for food prep, storage, and serving.

  • Our campers will be well-cared for in the ADA-Compliant Kita Medical Center. Fitted with refrigeration for medications, locked cabinets, running water, and private sleeping and washrooms, our Medical Center is ready to welcome campers at any time of need.

  • I would like to reserve a naming opportunity and pledge over the next 2 years a payment plan for the total donation amount. Please email [email protected] to discuss.

  • I would like to donate and receive a naming opportunity that is not listed and would like to learn more. Please email [email protected] to discuss.


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